​Ruba Rached, February 24, 2009


“… I read it twice in the last 4 days, I have to admit it’s shocking to know that we still have some hope. You are my hope, no not just you… but all that you resemble, all that you enticed into every character you have known and into every reader!
Reading your book was like walking in an art gallery. As I got to the exit, I could not believe all the paintings I bought. I didn’t buy your memories, I shared them… Seeing my country deteriorating was a killer! But now there’s you, you have to go on, induce some revolution… being where you are, you have influence: not just any influence but a constructive influence of spirit, thought, and reform.
You should be a disease, and a contagious one!
I just felt like sharing this with you… you are a pebble thrown into our waters, make a flood!”

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