Ali Makki, January 16, 2010


“Very insightful and surprisingly true… I kept folding the pages until I took the book along to Dubai until today.
Richly experimental, grounded in reality and overtly honest. This is how I can describe your book; as after reading each of the paragraphs, I used to close the book, put it aside and travel into my trance of thoughts, memories and imagination.
Your lines that told the mass audience a young Lebanese journey in Lebanon and abroad, with all its humps and bumps, and the similarities of thoughts, experiences and ideologies… triggered me to write to you with a great acknowledgment.
Well done, Rami, on behalf of my friends in Dubai and I. You have represented us, and you made our thoughts speech-full…
Well, again many thanks for the book, many thanks for your republic, for your freedom and audacity of speaking… bees’ world is very exemplary.”

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